Can You Really Trick a Slot Machine by Using a Magnet?

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Emptying a slot equipment with a magnet is one of the most ancient and most well-known types of cheated. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get caught and blocked from a casino. Why then can this approach carry on to be utilised by cheaters? In other words, it’s as it works. Magnets can affect the signs that notify the slot unit when to shell out, tricking the unit into pondering it’s strike the jackpot. Continue to study to learn more about What does bingo mean? (¿Qué significa bingo?)? .

Needless to say, gambling establishments understand this process of cheating and also have undertaken procedures to stop it. But that doesn’t signify cheaters don’t still try it. In fact, there was clearly a the latest situation through which a gentleman was captured and charged with striving to use a magnet to empty a slot machine in Las Vegas. So if you’re thinking of cheating by making use of a magnet, be aware: you might land in prison.

How Magnets Function on Slot Machines

Slot machines use detectors to find when coins or tokens happen to be inserted. These sensors are placed in the coin hopper, which can be the part of the unit where coins or tokens are kept once they are put. The devices detect coin exercise and send out signs to the microprocessor, which accounts for managing the payout process.

By utilizing a magnet on the coin hopper, cheaters can affect these impulses and trick the device into thinking that coins or tokens have already been put whenever they haven’t. This could cause the microprocessor to initialize the payout system, emptying the hopper of all its elements.

Gambling establishment Countermeasures

Most gambling houses currently use more recent slot machines that happen to be far more challenging to cheat with magnets. These machines are outfitted with special anti-being unfaithful devices that find when magnets are being used on them. If magnets are identified, the unit will automatically shut down and stop any more enjoy. At times, an alarm will audio to notify protection that someone is intending to cheat.


Magnets may be used to cheat on slot machines, but accomplishing this will almost certainly cause getting captured and banned from the casino—or more serious. So unless you’re willing to get that chance, we recommend preventing this technique of cheating entirely.