Indicators that you need a breast implant revision

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Normally, breast implants can last up to 20 years but under certain circumstances, you may be forced to revise the breast implants earlier. If the implants make you uncomfortable, that is one sign that you need to get them replaced immediately. If they do not give you the natural look that you were anticipating, that is also a sign that you need to replace them. Dr Leonard Hochstein is a board-certified plastic surgeon and an expert in breast augmentation and breast revision. According to him, here are some of the reasons why people go for breast revision
You feel discomfort and pain
When the implants are causing pain and some kind of discomfort, that is a sign that you should consider getting a breast revision. When you feel some discomfort or pain, that can only mean that there are issues with your implants. Either you have injured lymph nodes, pinched nerves, capsular contracture and you have a developing seroma among other issues. When you feel pain, there is no need for you to try and bear with it or assume thinking that it will just go away with time. If you feel pain or discomfort, it is very important to seek your doctor immediately.
The implant has raptured
You will also be needing a breast implant revision when the implant has ruptured. The rapture of your implant can be caused by things such as physical pressure or the weakening of the shell of the implant. It is very easy to know when an implant has ruptured since it causes deflation in case you used saline. If you feel like your implants have raptured in one way or another, it will be very important to consider getting a revision immediately.
It is rotating
When you notice that the implant is rotating or moving, that is also a sign that you should consider a breast implant revision. Breast implants can settle in a different location but it is not normal for them to be moving around. Therefore, when you notice they are dramatically moving to a different location, consider seeing your doctor.