Is it important to use a digital phaco handpiece in cataract surgery?

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If you’re trying to upgrade your ophthalmic handpiece, there are many points to consider. Very first, you should decide what has to be improved within your existing set-up. If you don’t know how to start, contemplate phaco handpiece the subsequent queries:

•What kind of camera lens solution do you use?

•How many times do you swap my zoom lens option?

Determine your existing handpiece

The initial step to picking the best phaco handpiece is discovering your current handpiece. This may appear apparent, but it’s important that you check out and ensure this before moving on to taking a look at other choices.

Exactly what is your existing handpiece?

•Just how long are you making use of it?

•How many times have they been utilized (altogether)?

•How did you acquire this product (Ordered/Rented/Leased) and what was your knowledge of the acquiring method (was it simple or hard)?

Discover what you ought to improve

You need to start with discovering the areas of your own sight that you want to improve. For instance, in case you are having problems in very low-lighting circumstances, consider using a phaco handpiecewith higher production energy and awareness. If you’re being affected by glare or halos due to vibrant lighting and reflections, consider one among adaptive optics alternatives.

As soon as you what improvements should be produced, it’s time to learn simply how much development can be done for anyone specific situations. You can use this info when figuring out which improvements will greatest meet your needs.

As soon as you’ve determined which areas will need increasing and know of what improvements are possible with each upgrade choice accessible, it’s time calculate any alteration of perspective high quality after modernizing your devices!


With any luck ,, we have assisted you recognize some of the important things to consider when picking a fresh phaco handpiece. It can be a overwhelming job, but don’t worry—we are on this page to help! We wish you for the greatest gear for your practice to be able to supply great maintain your patients.