Skirting Board Covers: A Stylish Protection Solution

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Skirting boards are usually disregarded in relation to creating a residence. However, they engage in an important position in shielding wall space from daily damage and may add more a little design to any room. Skirting boards are available in a multitude of variations, materials, and heights. Choosing the right a single for your room could be frustrating. Within this post, we will examine distinct skirting board designs, their advantages, and ways to select the right 1 for your house.

Vintage Skirting Boards:

Timeless skirting boards are the most famous solution in modern homes. They have clean, directly lines along with a basic style that fits any internal style. They may be usually between 100mm-150mm great and are avalable in different thicknesses. Vintage skirting boards are made of MDF, pine, or oak and are avalable both in primed and unprimed types. They are easy to deal with, inexpensive, and ideal for anyone on a budget.

Modern Skirting Boards:

moulding provide a much more modern turn to a room. They can be easy, clear, and minimalistic, giving an area a smooth and minimalistic advantage. Modern skirting boards arrive in many different materials, including MDF, aluminium, and metal. They are super easy to mount, for sale in a selection of altitudes, and are best for these that want to include a present day feel on their house.

Traditional Skirting Boards:

Rustic skirting boards are ideal for these that want to build a far more homely, traditional look. They are available in different heights and thicknesses, and materials for example timber, MDF, and melamine. Antique skirting boards have got a distressed or difficult accomplish that can cause a hot, cozy feel inside a space. They can be costly, but are worth the expense if you’re looking for a unique seem at your residence.

Ornamental Skirting Boards:

Elaborate skirting boards include a touch of classiness and class to some home. One can choose from a variety of styles, which include moldings, lines, and contours. They are perfect for those that want to build a magnificent or regal look in a room. Attractive skirting boards can be done from MDF, wooden, or plaster, and they could be expensive. Nonetheless, these are definitely worth the investment if you want to create a luxurious appear in your house.

Large Skirting Boards:

Taller skirting boards can be found in various height from 200mm to 300mm and are fantastic for developing a sophisticated and huge try looking in a room. They increase the amount of depth to a wall surface making the roof appear greater. They are usually used in larger sized rooms like living spaces, cusine bedrooms, or entry ways places. Bigger skirting boards might be expensive, however are an outstanding investment if you’re seeking to make a huge entry ways or perhaps a far more magnificent sense within a area.


In conclusion, comprehending skirting board types is crucial for anyone looking to include fashion and character to their properties. The skirting board style you decide on is determined by the general look and feel you would like to accomplish within a room. Classic skirting boards are perfect for these on a tight budget, whilst antique and ornamental skirting boards are ideal for building a unique or luxurious really feel. Bigger skirting boards are great for creating lavish entrances or high-class bedrooms. Irrespective of the style, usually ensure your skirting board matches all of those other room’s design, emphasizing its splendor and persona.