The Ultimate Lithium Trolling Motor Battery Buying Guide

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If you’re considering a whole new trolling motor battery, there are several elements you’ll want to take into account prior to making your acquire. In this post, we’ll discuss 5 various of the most important points to consider before purchasing a Lithium Trolling Motor Battery. In the end of the publish, you’ll have a much greater concept of what sort of battery is right for your needs.

5 various considerations when choosing a lithium trolling motor battery:

1.The first aspect to look at is just how often you’ll be using your trolling motor. In the event you use only your trolling motor on occasion, a steer-acid solution battery may be a more sensible choice for yourself since they’re less expensive. Nevertheless, if you utilize your trolling motor frequently, then you’ll desire to choose a lithium battery since they have a lengthier life-span and may hold up against a lot more frequent use.

2.Another essential factor to consider is how significantly excess weight your vessel can have. Lithium power packs are significantly less heavy than steer-acidity power packs, in case excess weight is a problem to your motorboat, then lithium is the ideal solution.

3.You’ll want to take into consideration no matter if you need a strong-pattern or commencing battery. When you only require a battery for infrequent use, a beginning battery may be sufficient. Nevertheless, if you intend on using your trolling motor for very long times or even in difficult conditions, then you’ll need to have a strong-routine battery.

4.Another thing to remember is the fact lithium electric batteries demand special care and maintenance to extend their life expectancy. By way of example, you’ll have to stay away from overcharging and discharging them too regularly. If you’re not more comfortable with performing this type of maintenance, then this lead-acidity battery might be a better option for yourself because they demand less attention.

5.Ultimately, you’ll must look at what dimension battery you need. This will depend on the shape and type of fishing boat you might have in addition to simply how much power you need from your trolling motor. Fortunately, most suppliers ensure it is simple to find out what size battery you need by supplying sizing graphs on the websites or perhaps in their product guides.


There are plenty of factors to consider well before purchasing a new trolling motor battery. By taking the time to think about your needs and perform a little research, you can be certain to select the correct kind of battery for your fishing boat plus your finances.