Tips for organizing a great hen party

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A hen party has become a major part of any bridal shower. There is no standard style for a hen party, as it can vary from simple recreational activities to extravagant and wild hen party games. But at the end of the day, everyone will have fun. Despite the variety of hen party styles, they all have one thing in common: preparation.
So if you are about to throw your friend a hen party, there are a few things to keep in mind:
Respect her desires and expectations.
It is true that you are the one responsible for organising the party from A to Z. But you are doing it for your friend. So, her wishes should be granted in the first place. She knows what she likes the most and gives it to her. So, if she is into partying, a wild party can do the deed. If she is into quiet and recreational activities, a day at the spa could be the right thing. So, it should be all about her.
Make perfect preparations.
Well, a hen party is not an entire wedding. It is much simpler, yet there will be guests. So, you need to make thorough preparations, from finding the party venue to confirming bookings. There is also food and drinks available to cater or buy. Also, there could be entertainment shows or hen-do games involved. So, without these arrangements, the hen party could turn out to be an epic fail.
Be an early bird.
If you are taking on the responsibility of planning a hen party, you should not make late arrangements. It is better to do everything early on to guarantee the best in everything. Also, the date of the party shouldn’t be the last minute before the wedding. The bride needs some rest, though.