A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Hardwood Floors

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Installing hardwood floors is the best way to raise the value of your home whilst making it appear more modern and stylish. Nevertheless, the installation of bathroom remodel greensboro can be quite a difficult approach, so it’s important that you comprehend what’s included before taking for this undertaking yourself. The good news is, we have come up with this method-by-move guideline to be sure that you do the job proper!

Step One: Prepare Your Subfloor

Before you put in the latest hardwood flooring, you must very first get ready the subfloor. This implies removing any pre-existing carpeting or floor tile through the location, as well as any fingernails or toenails or tacks from previous floors. You should also search for any uneven areas or creaks within the floorboards if you can find any, use plywood or shims to levels them out. You should ensure that most of these steps are finished appropriately in order for your new hardwood floors to check their utmost and last for years.

Step Two: Lay Down Underlayment

When your subfloor is ready, you will have to lay out underlayment (sometimes called “padding”). It becomes an essential phase, mainly because it supplies cushioning in between the subfloor along with your new hardwood flooring. The kind of padding you use will depend on the particular solid wood flooring surfaces you might be the installation of make sure you talk to a expert when you are unclear which type of underlayment is best suited to your specific task.

Step 3: Mount Your Hardwood Floors

Now it is time for that fun part—installing your brand new hardwood flooring! Before beginning this step, be sure that all your supplies are stored on fingers and this everything has been analyzed correctly. Once everything is completely ready, merely keep to the manufacturer’s instructions when laying down each piece of flooring—being careful not to keep gaps between panels or boards which tend not to line up appropriately. Make certain that each and every table is firmly into position by tapping it gently with a silicone mallet well before transferring on to the following one.


Installing hardwood floors could be a challenging job for even knowledgeable DIYers—but with this stage-by-move guideline, anyone can do it! From preparing your subfloor properly to deciding on an appropriate underlayment materials lastly installing every table effectively, these actions will assist ensure your new hardwood floors look fantastic and last for a long time! So what are you presently waiting for? Begin these days!